Real Estate

The way real estate is sold has changed, and what worked yesterday today is just another piece of marketing history. Born in one of the hottest markets in America and fueled by a technological boom, the House of Taj was built with innovation in its very DNA. It is in this environment that the House of Taj has developed marketing that reaches the tech-savvy buyer. The new conversation in real estate has become about how to inspire the consumer and share the lifestyle. House of Taj works to make this a reality through emotionally-charged video, dramatic photography, and a public relations campaign that reaches out to some of the most respected networks, Taj's real estate experience provides a level of representation and expert negotiation that matches the marketing they have become so known for.


House of Taj aims to fill a void in the southern California housing market, taking elements of residential and interior design. The end result is housing that has an aesthetic rooted in southern California design tenets and sustainable construction methods; interior design that has a specific point of view and reflects the owner's sensibilities. House of Taj recognizes there is an audience of homebuyers in southern California that are design savvy and have an appreciation for architectural design. Our guiding words are community, creativity, responsibility, and sustainability.